Membership Category

All applications for PNC membership must be approved by its Membership Sub-Committee, which will base its decision on a review of the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the applying association. There are three categories for PNC membership.

(i) Institution Member

Any scientific academy, research council, higher education institution or association of such institutions which expresses an interest in facilitating information exchange and expanding electronically readable information resources may become a Member by communicating its intention to PNC Secretariat. Each Institution Member allows four candidates from the same institute to apply.

Membership fees are based on the GNP of the country where the institution located.

GNP & Membership Fee

US$10,000 per year or above: US$ 600 (NT$ 18,000)

Below US$ 10,000 per year: US$ 250 (NT$ 7,750)

(ii) Individual Member

Membership is open to scholars, professionals, and researchers who are interested in the development of information digitalization. Students are not eligible for PNC Member. The annual fee for individual member is US$ 50 (NT$ 1,500). Those members from developing countries may submit an annual fee waiver to PNC Secretariat.

(iii) Honorable Corporation Member

Any corporations or government organizations are interested in sponsoring the activities of PNC may be classified as an Honorable Corporation Member. The sponsorship fee for Honorable Corporation Member is US$ 1,000 (NT$ 30,000) or above.