The mission of the Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) is to facilitate information exchanges among institutions of higher education in the Pacific Rim through computing and communications technology. PNC explores issues of information and technology exchange, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the development of the cultural knowledge contents. In fostering access to digitized data on the Pacific Rim, the PNC serves as a portal for access to digital research. It helps scholars to find the library, archive, and museum materials needed to support both teaching and research. The ultimate goal is to enable scholars to regard themselves, not as separated by vast distances, but as residents of a virtual neighborhood.


  • Promote public availability of information resources. Facilitate coordination of international scholarly activities of PNC members.
  • Stimulate, design, coordinate, and participate in international interdisciplinary programs.
  • Communicate information about academic progress and its impact on society.
  • Involve active scholars.


  • Collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, on a digital gazetteer project enabling extraction of spatial information from textual materials
  • Collaboration with Academic Sinica, Taiwan, on a major metadata development project
  • Consultation and collaboration with Pacific Rim countries on network infrastructure development
  • Support research projects utilizing advanced GIS, metadata standards development, and networking technology at Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
  • Organize workshops addressing technology training needs.
  • Organize an Annual Conference and seminars addressing current research agendas.