Call for Papers and Posters

Important Dates:


Submission Deadline:April 22, 2016

Acceptance Notification:May 16, 2016



Topics for Submission include but not limited to:


(1)  Digital Documentation

1.1   Annotation (Texts/Images/Videos)

1.2   Data Curation / Digital Curation and Preservation

1.3   Data Science
1.4   Digital Cultural Heritage

1.5   Ethics of Value-Based Interpretation of Data

1.6   Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)


(2) Reconstructing & Recontextualizing

2.1   Image Analysis

2.2   Knowledge Representation and Processing

2.3   Ontologies and Knowledge Organization Systems

2.4   Semantic Web and Visible/Deep Web

2.5   Text Encoding

2.6   Text Mining


(3) Representation of (Virtual) Reality

3.1   Data Visualization

3.2   Digital Publishing

3.3   Digital Storytelling

    3.4   New Media

3.5   Validity of Interpretations of Data


(4)  Open Access & Accessibility

4.1   Dissemination

4.2   Intellectual Property and Copyright

4.3   Linked (Open) Data and its Applications

4.4   Open Data

4.5   Privacy

4.6   Security


(5) Digital Humanities/Social Sciences

5.1   Digital Art History

5.2   Digital Museums

5.3   Digital Libraries

5.4   Digital Archives

5.5   Archaeology

5.6   Linguistics

5.7   Area Studies

5.8   Cultural Heritage

5.9   Literature

5.10 Spatial History   


    (6) Digital Society

    6.1   e-Science & e-Learning

    6.2   Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

    6.3   Social Media & Social Networks

    6.4   Digital Divide

    6.5   Digital Scholarship

    6.6   Smart Living/Smart City & Internet of Things (IOT)

    6.7   Cross-fertilization


      (7) Biodiversity & Sustainability

      6.1   Climate Change

      6.2   Disaster Management


    (8) Users and Usability; Reaching and Serving Users, and Measuring Success

    8.1   Metrics for Web and Social Media Resources

    8.2   The Role of Usability Studies and Focus Groups

    8.3   Design Thinking and Iterative Design



About Poster Sessions:


There are two categories of PNC 2016 Poster Sessions: "Poster Competition" and "Demonstration Zone."

I. General Poster Competition

 All participants are required to give an oral orientation. Winners will be selected and awarded after evaluation of the Grading
   Committee. Below please find detailed regulation and grading standards for both competitions:   


General Poster Competition selection criteria are:
                  (1) Main Theme and Research Methodology (40%)
                           - Originality and creativity
                           - Methods are clear and appropriate for the objectives
                           - Background and objectives are clearly stated
                  (2) Conclusion and Contribution (40%)
                           - Conclusions are supported by data
                           - Level of project difficulty
                  (3) Poster Production (20%)
                           - The flow of the poster is easy to follow and interpret
                           - Tables, figures and/or written results are succinct          

II. Demonstration Zone:

For poster demonstration only. Vendors or Institutions are welcome to take this opportunity to show research results that are related to the conference main theme.

Application & Submissions:


Participants to Poster Sessions should submit one completed abstract online via PNC Submission System

by April 22. Submission of digital poster is optional and should be submitted in PDF or JPEG format.


Important Notice:


1. Poster Sessions participants are required to register for the PNC 2016 Conference.

2. For Poster Competition participants, at least one author needs to register and to give an oral orientation in person. There will be a designated time in the program when authors of poster contributions will be expected to be present.


3. For Demonstration Zone participants, at lease one of the authors needs to register even none of the participants could attend the conference in person.

4. Posters must be in Size A0 portrait: (Height: 118.9 cm, Length: 84.1 cm). 


5. All posters submitted will be reviewed by the PNC Program Review Committee. PNC preserve the rights to reject the applicants.

6. For any inquires. please contact the Secretariat at