PNC 2014 Annual Conference and Joint Meetings

Main Theme: Museum Computing:An Approach to Bridging Cultures, Communities and Science


October 21-23 (Tuesday - Thursday)

Venue: National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan


It is with great pleasure to announce the 2014 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) Annual Conference and Joint Meetings will take place at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. The conference will be held between October 21st and October 23rd. This event will be hosted jointly by the National Palace Museum and PNC with the main theme being: "Museum Computing: An Approach to Bridging Cultures, Communities and Science."

The evolution of museum is closely tied to the advancement of society, due to the rapid development of information technology in the 21st century, museum digital application has become a popular trend. Not only is it used widely in research, conservation, preservation, exhibition, education, leisure and other core functions, but it has also enhanced service, cultural creativity and other digital applications to bring new sensations and visiting experience to the visitors, as well as a brand new look and contemporary essence to the museum.

As an institution that unites culture, community and science together, museum and digital technology actually complements each other very well, especially in promoting cultural activities, social interactions, education and the development of technology. Therefore, the 2014 PNC Annual Conference and Joint Meetings is expected to make museum computing as the main focus, exploring the inter-relationships between museum digital application, culture, community and science. Experts and scholars from various academic domains are invited to discuss, exchange or share their research experience, ideas or achievements in different perspectives.

The conference this year will encourage participants to explore in several areas of interest and discover the inter-relationships between them.


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Extended Poster Submission Deadline

August_4  (Paper submission has been closed)


Extended Poster Submission

Acceptance Notification

August_26 (Submissions received by June 27 will be notified by July 30)


About PNC
Since 1993, the PNC has been committed to enhancing digital research and interaction among researchers, educators, and professionals around the Pacific Rim nations. The importance and contribution of the PNC has been widely recognized by the digital and information technology community.

Keynote Speakers





Progressing with the Times: From the Applications and Innovations of Digital Technology towards the NPM 4G Mobile Museum


Ming-Chu Fung 馮明珠

Director, National Palace Museum







The Age of Experience: Cultural Heritage and the Future of Museums


Sarah Kenderdine

Director, Innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (iGLAM)
National Institute for Experimental Arts, UNSW Art & Design
Director of Research, Applied Laboratory of Interactive Visualization and Embodiment (ALiVE), CityU, Hong Kong







Museum Using Digital Technology to Interact with Audiences: Some Practices in National Museum of History


Yui-Tan Chang 張譽騰

Director, National Museum of History









Art of Calligraphy and Classic Chinese Literature Rejuvenated: Exhibition, Reflection, and Transformation on Outside Classroom Learning Activities


Hsianghoo Steve Ching

University Librarian, City University of Hong Kong







Beyond Borders: The Humanities in the Digital Age


James Cuno

President and CEO, J. Paul Getty Trust









Moore's Law and the Future of Libraries


Michael A. Keller

University Librarian
Publisher Stanford University Press
Stanford University