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City University of Hong Kong
Tat Chee Avenue,
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3442 5418


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Airfare Deals from China Airlines

China Airlines provide special offers to PNC 2010 participants travelling from Taipei, Kao Hsiung, Bangkok, Japan, Seoul,
and the US to Hong Kong as follows:

 Routing  Booking Code  Fares  Validity
 Taipei-Hong Kong-Taipei C  TW$ 13,000  
 Taipei-Hong Kong-Taipei B  TW$ 9,000  0-14days
 Kao Hsiung-Hong Kong-Kao Hsiung C  TW$ 11,500  
 Kao Hsiung-Hong Kong-Kao Hsiung T  TW$ 9,300  0-1month
 Bangkok-Hong Kong-Bangkok C  THB$ 15,000  
 Bangkok-Hong Kong-Bangkok V  THB$ 6,500  0-1month
 Japan-Hong Kong-Japan C  JPY$ 70,000  
 Japan-Hong Kong-Japan K  JPY$ 40,000  2-10days
 Seoul-Hong Kong-Seoul C  KRW$ 1,200,000  
 Seoul-Hong Kong-Seoul N  KRW$ 384,000  0-1month
 USA-Hong Kong-USA J  Less 10% of publish fare  
 USA-Hong Kong-USA T  Less 7% of publish fare  6 months
Tax and fuel surcharge are excluded
Passengers are entitled to use China Airlines VIP room while departing from Hong Kong airport 

For booking tickets or any further information, please contact China Airlines staff below:

Contact Name   E-mail Tel  
 Ms. Christina Hwang +852-28439817  
 Ms. Ruby Lam +852-28439885   
 Ms. Merrine Moh +852-28439879  
 Ms. June Wu +852-28439875  
 Mr. Ringo Chiu +852-28439871