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Call for Sessions

Session Proposal Form

Important Dates

Call for Session Submission Deadline August 27, 2010
Acceptance Notification September 1, 2010
Abstract Submission Deadline September 15, 2010
Presentation Material Deadline November 15, 2010


Topics of Interest

Session proposals related to the main theme “From Digital Content to Knowledge Asset”will be highly welcome.



Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) is devoted to facilitate information exchanges among higher education institutions of Pacific Rim. With this conference, PNC hope to elicit new information, strategies, and ideas helpful to Digital Content workers and encourage collaborations among those who might not naturally work together to explore and examine common issues through a different platform and make connections with colleagues working in the field.


About The Sessions

The agenda for the 2010 Annual Conference and Joint Meeting will include approximately 18-21 concurrent sessions that are designed to engage, provoke, share, and inspire follow-up action that will contribute to “the research and development of Digital Content”. Each session will last 100 minutes and could have 3-4 speakers. Formats for sessions will be panel, presentation, small group or a combination and session coordinators are responsible for determining the most appropriate format.


Who Can Submit A Concurrent Session Proposal?

Proposal submissions will be accepted from all organizations, including but not limited to:
●  Librarians
●  Scholars
●  Museum Professionals
●  Educators
●  Site managers
●  All those working with digital content and technology
●  All those working with cultural materials and technology


How To Submit A Concurrent Session Proposal

To submit a session proposal, please fill in the Sessions Proposal Form and send it to PNC at PNC@sinica.edu.tw NO LATER THAN August 27, 2010.

Proposal submission does not guarantee selection
. We appreciate the time and effort our members and friends spend to prepare proposals. Proposals will be selected that contribute to a selection of interesting, creative and diverse topics of interest that address a variety of programs, practices, issues, and strategies important to main theme and PNC focus. After initial selections are made, session coordinators whose proposals are accepted are expected work with PNC Secretariat in a timely manner to confirm acceptance, finalize content and abstract descriptions, confirm speakers, and respect timelines for completing the program.



Please write to PNC@sinica.edu.tw if you have any questions or problems.



  Poster Competition Winners

Call for Posters

Posters Abstract Form & Template Download

Important Dates:

          Abstract submission deadline: November 12, 2010
          Poster submission deadline: November 26, 2010

Topics for Submission include but not limited to:

         ●  Biodiversity
         ●  Digital Archives
         ●  Digital Libraries
         ●  Digital Museums
         ●  e-Learning
         ●  e-Publishing
         ●  e-Resource
         ●  GIS
         ●  Intellectual Property Rights
         ●  Metadata
         ●  Media Application

About Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions will include two different activities: 「Poster Competition」 and 「Demonstration Zone」:
I.   Poster Competition
: There are two tracts for this competition-
"Librarians Poster Competition" and
"General Poster Competition". All participants are required to give an oral orientation. Winners will be selected
        and awarded after evaluation of the Grading Committee. Below please find detailed regulation and grading standards
        for both competitions:   

       *  Awards: A Certificate and one Trophy will be awarded to each winning poster     
       *  Oral Orientation Time: 12:30~14:00, December 3, 2010; each poster has five minutes maximum.
       *  Presentation Location: City University of Hong Kong (venue to be confirmed later)      
       *  Awarding Ceremony: 17:40~18:00, December 3, 2010  
       *   Poster Grading Committee: Five Honorary Adjudicators will be formed for poster assessment; the decisions
                                                                  from the Poster Grading Committee are Final Decisions      
       *  Selection Criteria:
             A. "Librarians Poster Competition"
                           Topics for submission in "Librarians Poster Competition" tract should be related to the conference main
                   theme “From Digital Content to Knowledge Asset” and be selected from one of the following domains:
                    ● Digital Libraries
                    ● e-Learning
                    ● e-Publishing
                    ● e-Resource
                           This special tract covers a broad range of subjects, grouped according to such areas as management,
                    collection developments, technology, reference, and library services to special groups, etc. It provides the
                    opportunity for library professionals and those working with digital content and technology from around
                    the world to share their successful ideas by presenting a research study report, a practical problem-solving
                    effort, or an innovative library program; and to allow staff to formulate project and brush up their
                    presentation skills as a form of staff development opportunity.
                           "Librarians Poster Competition" emphasizes on staff development instead of comparison among digital
                    libraries or information organizations. Library staff will be encouraged to practice their skills in logistic
                    thinking, writing, information organization and presentation skills, etc, and to reflect their competence from
                    their individual works.

                           Criteria for "Librarians Poster Competition" are:
                 (1) Idea Originality and Significance of the Project (30%)
                           The submissions will be assessed according to the originality of idea of the project, including its
                           innovativeness, creativity and its significance to the library and information professions.
                  (2) Visual Effects (30%)
                           The posters will be assessed according to the design, visual impacts, their relevance with the project
                           and whether they can bring out the theme of the project.
                  (3) Oral Presentation (40%)
                           Participants will be assessed according to their styles of writing, logistic thinking, information organizing
                           skills and presentation skills.         
             B. "General Poster Competition"
                          Criteria for General Poster Competition are:
                  (1) Main Theme and Research Methodology (40%)
                           - Originality and creativity
                           - Methods are clear and appropriate for the objectives
                           - Background and objectives are clearly stated
                  (2) Conclusion and Contribution (40%)
                           - Conclusions are supported by data
                           - Level of project difficulty
                  (3) Poster Production (20%)
                           - The flow of the poster is easy to follow and interpret
                           - Tables, figures and/or written results are succinct          
II.   Demonstration Zone
: Poster demonstration only. Any vendors or Institutions are very welcome to take this opportunity
         to show their results in digitalization.


Application & Submissions:

Participants to Poster Sessions must submit one duly completed Poster Abstract Form and a Poster:
●  Posters Abstract Form & Template
    An abstract of no more than 300 words, along with the poster title, and the names and affiliations of its authors (including
    e-mail address and any contact information) is required to be submitted to the PNC Secretariat at PNC@sinica.edu.tw
    no later than November 12, 2010. Abstract submitted after November 12, 2010 will not be included in the program book.

    Posters should be sent by mail to the postal address as follows by November 26, 2010:
                                                           Ms. Helen Lee
                                                           Run Run Shaw Library, City University of Hong Kong
                                                           3/F Academic Building,
                                                           Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
                                                            ( Tel: +852-3442 5418 )
    * Specifications of the Poster
        i. Available poster-board size: 975 (W) x 1385 (H) mm
        ii. Poster can be a single piece or a mosaic but must not exceed the given size of the poster-board.



Important Notes:
   1. Poster Sessions participants are required to register in advance.
   2. For the Poster Competition, at least one author needs to register for December 3 and attend the competition in
       Hong Kong in person.
   3. For the Demonstration Zone, if none of the authors could go to Hong Kong in person, one of the authors needs to 
for December 3. The abstract will NOT be included in the program book without registration.  
   4. All posters can be placed starting from 8:00 am of December 1 to 4:00 pm of December 3.
   5. All posters will be demonstrated in the Poster Area. One panel and one table will be set up for Poster Competition
       participants. Participants could put laptop or brochures on the table for demonstration. However, participants should be
       responsible for the security of their laptops and other properties at the venue as there will have no security on guard.
   6. All posters should be removed from the poster-board immediately after 4:00 pm of December 3. The Conference
       Organizers will not be responsible for posters left on the poster-board after 4:00 pm of December 3.
   7. Without prejudice, the Organizing Committee of the Posters Competition Sessions reserves the rights to accept
       or reject any applications.
   8. Please contact the PNC Secretariat at PNC@sinica.edu.tw for any inquires.