• Yunhe Pan
    Topic: Development and Trends of the Digital Library
  • Fan-Sen Wang
    Topic: TELDAP and Cultural Diversity of Taiwan
  • M. S. Vijay Kumar
    Topic: The Open Influence: Towards an Ecology...
  • Jeffrey Shaw
    Topic: Immersive Strategies for the Embodiment...
  • Tak-Wai Chan
    Topic: A Few Problems of Digital Learning
  • She Mang
    Topic: e-Learning: A Hong Kong Perspective

PNC 2010 Annual Conference

Main Theme: From Digital Content to Knowledge Asset
Venue: City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Date: December 1-3, 2010



       We are delighted to announce that the 2010 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) Annual Conference will be held at the City University of Hong Kong from December 1 to 3 in collaboration with City University of Hong Kong and the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI). The theme for this year’s meeting is:

                                                                                “From Digital Content to Knowledge Asset”


       In the information age, digital content has become an important asset which has significantly altered the way we pursue knowledge. As organizations store ever increasing volumes of digital information it has been realized that digital content is, in fact, just one type of an array of “knowledge” critical to enable company processes, add value and generate profits. Knowledge assets can either be considered as loosely tangible, contained in databases, technologies and various other vessels that organizations own or need, or “process based” such as know-how and experience. Along with recognition of the knowledge asset, comes the concept of conscious knowledge management, crucial for avoiding unnecessary repetition of data acquisition, facilitation of data utilization, implementation of cross-discipline collaboration and so on…


       During this year’s conference, the concept of digital content as knowledge asset will be explored in presentations such as “Managing Knowledge Asset”, “Meta-Library—Gateway to World Knowledge Assets and Digital Services”, “The Power of Digitalized Knowledge”  and “Access to Information and Public Licenses in the Digital Environment”. The PNC cordially invites you to participate in this event. We believe it will be a great opportunity to learn and share up-to-date knowledge.


       The Conference will be organized into oral presentations and poster demonstrations that will highlight the following areas:

Digital Archives
Digital Libraries
Digital Museums
Intellectual Property Rights
Media Application


Call for Sessions/ Call for Posters

Call for Sessions/ Call for Posters starts now. Scholars, technicians, librarians, museum professionals, educators, site managers, and all those working with cultural materials and technology are welcome to participate in the Call for Session/ Call for Posters.

Hong Kong leisure tours

In order to welcome PNC participants, the host City University of Hong Kong will arrange two special tours. A free tour of the ALiVE (Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment) at the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park will be arranged on the afternoon of December 2 and a one-day excursion scheduled on December 4 will introduce participants to some of Hong Kong’s the most interesting sightseeing spots, including Hong Kong Geopark, Tung Ping Chau island, Double Haven arcadia and Crooked Island. Please come and experience Hong Kong with us. For more information about these activities, please refer to PNC 2010 website:


About the PNC

Since 1993, the PNC has been committed to enhancing digital research and interaction among researchers, educators, and professionals around the Pacific Rim. Its importance and contribution has been widely recognized by the digital and information technology community.